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SJW Wrestling is a non-profit 501(C)3 program that runs for approximately 6 weeks starting in mid-February and running through March every year. 

SJW Wrestling is a developmental wrestling program emphasizing the basic fundamental skills of collegiate wrestling. SJW Wrestling is committed to providing a positive, safe environment in which participants of all ages are presented with the opportunity to experience success through many different avenues. The SJW Wrestling program exists for the value, which it has for its athletes and not the benefit of the sponsoring institutions. The activities and contests involved will be psychologically sound by being tailored to the physical, mental, and emotional maturity levels of the youth participating in them. Activities are for all athletes who are physically able to participate and who adhere to the rules set forth by each participating wrestling club.


Objectives of the SJW Wrestling program include but are not limited to the following:

  • The improvement of health, fitness, and general welfare of all individuals taking part in a safe, supervised program;

  • The involvement of a maximum number of athletes in both supportive and active areas of the program;

  • To teach/learn new skills and to offer opportunities to improve those skills already possessed;

  • Present opportunities for development of lasting friendships with teammates, opponents, and coaching staffs.

  • To provide participants with an early understanding that participation in an activity is leadership training which is a privilege that also carries certain responsibilities;

  • To provide opportunities to practice, exemplify, and observe good sportsmanship;

  • To develop for the community an understanding that the SJW Wrestling program for athletes has been promoted under the conditions which ensure, to the participant and to parents/relative/friends and/or any other spectator, the best traditions in sportsmanship, citizenship, and a wholesome school/community relationship.


Parents/Spectators…Please support the value of these activities by offering encouragement and showing support to athletes, coaches, and officials. Be an active spectator and support our activities by modeling appropriate behavior and good sportsmanship at all times.

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